Sharmila Logathas

Clinical Member

Areas of expertise

Anxiety | Bereavement | Breaking generational cycles | Childhood trauma | Complex trauma | Depression and low mood | Division of household labour | Family conflict | Grief and loss | Identity changes | Mental health struggles | Parenthood identity | Relationships | Self-worth and compassion | Work and family

My why

I love the idea of working in community with other professionals, supporting each other in what is going on both inside and outside the therapy room, and co-creating a system that aligns with my values of improving accessibility to mental health care and social justice.


Clinical Psychologist

Who am I?

I am a Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years experience of working with young people and adults. I am registered with the HCPC and am a member of the ACP. I have particular interests in trauma-informed, ACT and systemic approaches, and believe that people thrive when they can best build a connection to themselves and those around them. I have completed additional training in DBT, EMDR, and IFS, and have recently trained as a Fair Play facilitator. I am registered with BUPA, AXA and WPA.

You might want to see me if:

you are struggling to manage trauma either recent, historical or intergenerational that is impacting on your mood, identity, interpersonal relationships and/or parenting, and would like a space to process these experiences. 

I can work with you either individually or as a couple to create an understanding of your difficulties and to support you in choosing and implementing the skills and relational strategies to manage emotions, resolve conflict, communicate more effectively with others and work towards other goals that align with your values. I am interested in supporting you to think about how wider systemic pressures such as racism or sexism have impacted on your difficulties. I am a Fair Play certified facilitator and can help you to develop a way of sharing the division of labour and burden of childcare within your home in a way that is tailored to your household and needs.

My Style:

My aim is to start from a co-created shared understanding of your difficulties in order to support you in making changes that align with your most meaningful values. I recognise the importance of wider influences and power on our personal well-being and often incorporate ideas from community and intersectional feminist psychology in my work. Creativity and connecting with you on a human level is important to me and I often use humour, storytelling and art to emphasise ideas and perspectives in the room.

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