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Professionals & Organisations

Whether you are looking for individual support as a professional, would like us to speak at an event or run a workshop or training for your team – we can help.

By hiring us you are helping us fund our mission towards a more equitable therapeutic practice.

As part of our value of equity, we aim to provide free and low-cost support and therapy. As part of our value of equality, all Members receive the same flat fee for their work. And as part of our value of social responsibility, the remainder of any fee you pay goes towards providing this service to others.

Why should you hire us at The Psychology Co-operative?

We are a group of psychologists, psychotherapists and coaches who specialise in perinatal, adult, couple and family work.

Many of us began offering therapy and psychoeducation independently because of a wish to offer longer-term, open, collaborative support which was becoming less possible in the public sector.

We think that person/family-centred work built on the therapeutic relationship is essential in the community that we serve – parents and parents to be. In this community, relational trauma can lead to perinatal mental health problems, and difficulties in the parent-child and couple relationship.

Widening health inequalities have meant that many are left without access to psychological support and intervention. We also hear from parents whose interactions with professionals or services have compounded mental health difficulties.

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We are committed to providing high quality, trauma informed psychological therapy, consultation and education whilst staying critical and curious about mental health, wellbeing, parenting and the world.

“We reached out to Emma as a parent network to organise an hour-long workshop focusing on post-pandemic burnout and recovery. Emma kindly and adeptly adapted her workshop to make it suitable for the wider company and not just parents. It was a perfect mix of practical tips alongside the science behind why we may be feeling this way. Emma’s presentation style is engaging and soothing, and we were left with a toolbox of handy grounding techniques to put into practise. We received lots of feedback to say how much it resonated with everyone. Thanks so much Emma”
~ Parent Network, DK

We are experts in our field, and bring a compassionate intersectional lens to our work.

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We have years of experience between us and have come together with common values of equity, transparency and social responsibility.

If that sounds like something you want to support, we’d love to work with you, in one of these three ways.

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One or two 90-minute sessions for psychologists and therapists to talk over a professional issue, discuss skills or talk over your career. 

Things you might come to us for: 

  •     Exploring what drew you to this role
  •    Parenting as a psychologist/therapist
  •    Values-based working
  •    Understanding why you work the way you do
  •    Exploring the impact of being a psychologist/therapist on your life
  •    Your career aspirations
  •    Social media and psychology
  •    Decolonising therapy
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Team Support

For organisations we can offer support to your team as a whole or individual members.

What we might help with: 

  •    Individual ‘untangling’ sessions for members of your team
  •    Ongoing therapeutic support for individuals
  •    Advising on meaningful well-being support in your organisation
  •    Creating a bespoke well-being programme for your organisation
  •    Exploring team dynamics and what makes working together difficult
  •    Anti-racism in your organisation
  •    Supporting members of your team through fertility issues, pregnancy, postnatal period and parenting

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    Whether you would like us to offer a formal workshop, speak at a panel event or run a group reflective session – we can cater to your unique needs.

    Workshop topics we cover: 

    •    Parenting for Humans – how to parent the child you have as the person you are
    •    Parental burnout
    •    Pandemic trauma and recovery
    •    What is trauma?
    •    Understanding how the world keeps us stressed
    •    Women’s mental health
    •    Playful Parenting
    •    Breaking cycles of trauma 
    •    Birth trauma and recovery (with Make Birth Better)

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