Lucy Parkin

Clinical Member

Areas of expertise

Anxiety | Behaviour challenges | Breaking generational cycles | Childcare and school | Childhood trauma | Co-parenting and parallel parenting | Depression and low mood | Feeding challenges | Parenthood identity | Parenting struggles | Relationships | Self-worth and compassion | Sexuality and Gender | Work and family

My why

I love working with a group of like minded clinicians in a way that also gives back and feels aligned with my values. I am passionate about supporting parents, families and children. Working with the Psychology Co-operative is the perfect partner to my ongoing work in the NHS.


Clinical Psychologist

Who am I?

I am a Clinical Psychologist and have worked in the NHS for nearly two decades. I qualified from University College London in 2009 and amongst other training have also qualified as a practitioner of Cognitive Analytic Therapy (and adult psychotherapy training). I am Regulated by the HCPC, Chartered by the British Psychological Society and a member of the Association of Clinical Psychology and the Association of Cognitive Analytic Therapy, through whom I also have regular clinical supervision.

I have extensive experience of working with parents, young people and families in both mental health and physical health settings. The longer I have been working in this field, and as I have become a parent myself, the more I have become passionate about supporting parents, both on their parenting journey and also as individuals. Being a parent can be unsettling, and can lead to us reassessing our own history and experiences and how we find ourselves in relationships with other, with our children and with ourself.

You might want to see me if:

My focus is on understanding how we show up in relationships, so you might come to see me to unpick what is happening in your relationship with your child. I offer untangling sessions to help make sense of what is happening for you and other members of your family when you have hit a bump in the road. I also offer therapy for parents which can be short or longer term and can help you to look more deeply at patterns that you may have developed along your road to this point and to compassionately support you to make sense of these considering all the complicated factors that impact us – history, society, culture, power and so on.

One way of doing this, without committing to longer term therapy is an intensive five session ‘relational untangling’ where we work together to make sense, map out and write about our growing understandings. You will leave these sessions with your own personalised ‘map’ and written understanding with ideas for how you can continue and take forward the work we start together.

My style:

My approach is collaborative and relational. This means that can help you to explore how patterns of relationships with others or with yourself might be helping or hindering you. I am a lively psychologist and I hope that working with me is good balance between supportive and stretching. I am always open to feedback and tailoring my approach to what you are looking for. In the room (or zoom!) with me you will feel like you are talking with an authentic human and whist working with me can feel informal, I will always been drawing on my knowledge and experience to guide our work. I am mainly guided by Cognitive Analytic Therapy but also draw on the many models I have had experience of over my career including Compassion focused therapy, mindfulness, nervous system based approaches, attachment theory and more recently parts work.

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