Emma Svanberg


Areas of expertise

Antenatal care and birth prep | Birth trauma and anxiety | Breaking generational cycles | Childhood trauma | Complex trauma | Depression and low mood | Family conflict | Identity changes | Neurodivergent parenting | Parenthood identity | Parenting struggles | Pregnancy | PTSD | race | Relationships | Self-worth and compassion | trauma | Work and family

My why

I strongly believe that therapy and psychological ideas should be accessible to everyone. We began the Psychology Co-operative because we want to make our therapeutic skills widely available to all, and to challenge some of the mainstream ideas about what mental health is and why we can struggle with our wellbeing.


Founder & Clinical Director

Who am I?

I’m a Chartered Clinical Psychologist, writer, activist and community builder. I’ve worked in a number of different mental health settings but specialise in the perinatal period – the time around pregnancy, birth and the early years of parenthood. I have a particular interest in attachment, trauma and the intergenerational roots of our problems.

I trained at UCL, London and have done further training with organisations such as the Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust, the Anna Freud Centre and the Institute of Psychoanalysis. My interest in perinatal psychology has led me to places as near as Tower Hamlets and as far as Calcutta.

I’ve been interested in working with parents since my teenage years, when I met the developmental psychopathologist Dr Patricia Crittenden at my kitchen table. My dad, P.O. Svanberg, pioneered an early intervention programme to promote secure attachment relationships,  and the conversations I had with him and his colleagues over this time sparked a lifelong awareness of why parents matter so very much and our need to support this intense and important time. 

I am not currently taking on clients for therapeutic work as I focus on further training in neurodivergence, writing and other work. However, you’re welcome to contact me for a consultation or to discuss a project you’re working on.

You might want to see me if:

You would like help figuring out what’s brought you to the point you are currently at, and what you might like to do next. My skill is in pattern spotting and we can use this together to talk about all the different factors that are influencing you at the moment, the experiences in your past and from your personal circumstances that have had an impact on you, and the options you have to find a new way forward. My particular interest is in pregnancy and the post natal period but I’m also happy to speak to you about your professional development, your current family situation or anything else you think I can be of help with! I will let you know if I feel I’m not the best person for you to speak to, and help you find the right person.

I also oversee the clinical work of the Psychology Co-operative, and the development of the Co-op. If you get in touch with us, I’ll be the first person you speak to so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss anything about therapy, workshops or the work we do.

My style:

I work alongside you rather than taking on an expert or advisory position – I see my role as walking beside you as you navigate a particular part of your journey. I work in an intersectional way, mainly using psychodynamic models, bringing together systemic elements that might be contributing to your ways of being and relating to others.

My clients have tended to feedback to me that I am warm and kind, and I have a genuine curiosity and care for those I work with. Our work together will be informal, collaborative and with an overall goal of supporting you in accepting your brilliant self.

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