Areas of expertise

ADHD | autism | Chronic and progressive disease | Complex trauma | EMDR | Focus system | masking | medically unexplained symptoms | narrative therapy | neurodivergence | OCD | polyvagal theory | Safe and Sound Protocol | sensory differences | trauma

My why

I joined the Psychology Co-operative as I know many of the members, highly regard their work and am honoured to be able to collaborate and contribute. I look forward to learning from all the Members, and to be part of this community of colleagues. - I am sure that I will learn a lot from you all - I would love to have more of a community of colleagues


Clinical Psychologist, Founder of Divergent Life

Who am I?

Divergent Life is a private psychology and coaching service specialising in remote neuroaffirming neurodivergent assessment. Dr Emma Offord is a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in trauma, neurodivergence and high-masking neurodivergence. She is trained in the use of the MIGDAS-2, the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2) and the Autism Diagnostic Interview Revised (ADI-R) among many other neurodivergent assessment tools. She has trained in Sensory Intelligence and in Sensory Profiling.

What do you offer the Psychology Co-operative?

I offer a neuroaffirming lens to the work of the Co-operative, through supervision, advice, formulation, education and support. I share the research I have done on neurodivergence, as well as neurodivergence and trauma. You are welcome to contact me if you would like to discuss assessment or have questions about my work.

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