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Areas of expertise

My why

To be part of a dynamic, forward-thinking, supportive group of psychologists with values in social justice, advocating for sustainable ways of working, and ways to support parents, caregivers and families in our society and the wellbeing of children and young people.


Clinical Psychologist

Who am I?

I am a HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist. I have worked for over 15 years in the NHS and in private practice. I have specialist interest in working with parents, as well as individuals. I draw on mind, body and trauma-informed approaches. I support others to cultivate a deeper understanding of their experiences within the context of their lives, including the wider structures and systems they live within, intersections of identity, and social and cultural narratives that can challenge, add pressure, and impact on how we, as humans, relate to ourselves and others. I work collaboratively to connect others to their wisdom, their values, the parts of who they are that truly matter to them and to build meaningful relationships. I work with parents, adults and couples. I also support parents with child-related concerns, such as their child’s anxiety feelings, emotion regulation, behaviour and more. I draw on years of experience working in paediatric, parent-infant and community mental health. I share practical mind and body tools and resources that people can draw on at times of challenge outside of the therapy space.

You might want to see me if:

For parents and adults, if you are experiencing a range of emotional experiences, such as anxiety, low mood, anger, or you are wanting to explore past/intergenerational trauma, experiences of stress, burn out, exhaustion, overwhelm, support around the understandable highs and lows of parenting, adjustment, loss, and the parent-child relationship. Many people I work with want to explore their own experiences of being parented to break patterns, as well as cope with everyday challenges and triggers in the here and now. Many people I work with hold multiple hats, for example, as parents/partners/work, which can intersect with identity, such as race and gender, and dominant structures and systems, such as patriarchy, racism, narratives of parenthood- particularly gendered experiences for women and mothers, and people with marginalised identities. I have a specialist interest in working with parents individually and as a couple, including the impact of parenting on the relationship, different parenting approaches and the family dynamic. In working together, I help you to understand your experiences more deeply, within a wider context, to reframe old stories, and reclaim values, self and practices to move towards your preferred future.

For children, I work with parents to support their child’s experiences of anxiety, low mood, anger, behaviour, school-related issues, their relationship to their child, living with long-term health concerns and more, drawing on my extensive experience of working in multiple child and family settings. We work together in a goal-focused way, to get a meaningful understanding of your child’s experiences, and yours, and the context of your lives. I offer practical ideas and strategies grounded in research and science, that build on your wisdom and that you can draw on at times of challenge.

My style:

I offer a compassionate, collaborative and welcoming space to work together. I offer untangling sessions, short- or long-term therapy. This can be explorative or goal-focused. I work integratively, drawing on a range of evidence-based approaches, including Compassion-Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, ACT, CBT, Systemic, Narrative Therapy. I have specialist expertise in integrating the mind and body, drawing on body-based and somatic approaches alongside talking therapy to offer you greater insight and support resources.

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