The Psychology Co-operative

Reducing parenting pressure

Welcome weary parent! We are a collective of expert practitioners offering mental health and wellbeing support throughout your parenting journey. Whether you would like a brief chat, therapy, to join a group, attend a workshop or talk to us about working with your organisation – we’re looking forward to meeting you.

Widening health inequalities have meant that many are left without access to psychological support. We want to do our part to balance it out.

We are dedicated to creating something better.  We are committed to providing approachable, high-quality, collaborative support built on an intersectional understanding of mental health.

How we can support you…

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We offer therapy and coaching to parents and parents-to-be. You may meet with us for one or two sessions to untangle a specific problem or we might meet over a number of weeks, months or years to offer the support that is right for you.

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Group Support

We offer support through therapeutic groups, live workshops and courses for both parents & professionals. These give an opportunity to access our support at a lower cost and meet others who might be going through similar.

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Free support

We believe that therapy should be accessible to everyone. We have a library of free resources to help you, including The Village online parenting community. We will soon be offering low cost therapy – watch this space.

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For Professionals

We offer consultations for individuals or organisations. We are experienced therapists, pyschologists, and coaches who can deliver high quality, bespoke workshops and training for you or your organisation.

About The Psychology Co-operative

Our aim is to make therapy accessible, as well as challenge the wider causes of many mental health difficulties. 

Founded originally by Dr. Emma Svanberg in 2019, we are now a Co-operative directed by Emma alongside Dr Bekah Shallcross. We are a group of psychologists, therapists, and coaches focused on supporting parents and parents-to-be throughout their parenting journey.

Brought together by shared values of democracy, honesty, and collaboration, we became a Co-operative in 2023 and are owned and controlled by our Members. 

We’re passionate about families finding the right ways for them, without judgement. 

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Dr. Bekah Shallcross

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Dr. Emma Svanberg

Need some immediate calm?

Listen to our 5-minute meditation. 


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